Meet the Dudesons

Jukka Hilden


Jukka Hilden was born in Seinäjoki, 3  August 1980. He is known as the rockstar, the showman, the ring leader and the never-stopping energizer bunny of the Dudesons crew. He’s an impulsive and hyperactive. The other Dudesons say he likes being naked and he likes making everyone laughing by doing tricks or just acting stupid. They also say he a womanizer but he is a true and caring friend. “Live hard, live your dream!” is his motto.


Jarno “Jarppi” Leppälä


Jarppi, who also goes by the name Jarno2 in Finland, was bor on 11 August 1979. Jarppi is called the ‘Funny Fat Guy’. From The Dudesons official website: “Jarppi is the king of one-liners and the physically clumsiest Dudeson. He is also the most practical of the bunch and can build anything; cars, rockets and other contraptions Dudesons use to hurt themselves with.”Jarppi’s catchphrase is “two thumbs up” because he is missing the thumb on his right hand. The explanation is that it was lost while Jarppi wrestled a polar bear. According to the movie he lost his thumb during a motorcycle stunt and in an interview during 2001 he said he lost it when using a power tool. The doctors tried to put it back on but failed.


Hannu- Pekka “HP”  Parviainen 

Armed Forces

HP was born 18 August 1981.  He is also a snowboarder as well as the member of the Dudesons stunt group. According to another fan page, HP is no longer qualified for health insurance from any companies in Finland. He graduated from college. He is also a teacher of outdoor education. He says he wants to be a good role model. On the Dudesons official fan page he is described as “The quiet one, and the most sensitive – the voice of reason.” They also say he is sensible until he’s challenged with a stunt, then he loses his mind and goes balls-to-the-wall. He has most tattos of all the Dudesons.


Jarno Laasala


Jarno was born on 19 september 1979.  He is the CEO of their production house “Rabbit films”. Evem though Jukka is the ring leader, Jarno is the real brain of the Dudesons. Without him there wuldn’t even be Dudesons, well at least know to us.  Jarno is the filmmaker who documents all the madness and is the brains behind most of the team’s twisted stunts.  He films all day, edits all night and the guys show their appreciation by torturing him with pranks. He doesn’t spend much time in front of the camera as he does behind but he doesn’t mind doing dangerous tricks.




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